International Exchange

Reported by Hidemi(Mezzo Soprano at Hamacco Frauen Chor)

I visited our Australian sistr city Latrobe with my friend.
I had many opportunity to communicate with a lot of lovely people in t he city.
And I introduced Hamacco Frauen Chor to some of them.

My host family were all musicians.
I introduced Japanese songs to them with the CD of Hamacco Frauen Chor.
They liked the songs very much and gave me a message.

They also played some simple Japanese music with Hamacco's score.
I was very happy!

The lady on the right and twin daughters will come to Takasago
with 30 members of Latrobe City Youth Band next April.

Those cute children are learning Japanese.
The lady on the left is a Japanese teacher.
She said to me that she missed Japan
and cried when she listened to music of Hamacco Frauen Chor.
I was very glad to hear that!

The children gave me presents as a token of gratitude:
wonderful letters and the song ゛Ame ame fure fure …”

This is a home for elderly people.
I introduced "Furusato"("My country home")
to them with the CD of Hamacco Frauen Chor.
Old people enjoyed listening and singing the song.

An old lady gave us a heartly welcome with this pose.
She is 92 years old.
I was afraid lest she should have a pain in her leg the next day.

We saw an amateur musical "My Fair Lady".

I was acquainted with the man who played Professor Higgins.
So I applauded him as if he were my relative or my neighbor.

My host family took me to an African concert in a local small hall.
African songs and dances gave me a serious message.
I thought that I should have more global view .

After the African concert, I talked with the dancers.
Their music was very heated but they were very friendly.

I had many informal communications during my stay in Latrobe. And I learned ;

(1) Any category of music will be the best way of communication.
(2) Warmth of Hamacco Frauen Chor will be accepted all over the world.
(3) I'm a newer member and have to make effort in order to catch up with other members!



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